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Dates -  The naturally sweet fruit, gifted by the environment.

Dates are a rich source of instant energy. They provide various kinds of nutrients. Dates are also called as the protein powerhouse.

We are fond of eating dates for its delicious taste. But only a few of us know that dates do also have good healing powers. Yes, this is scientifically proved for most times.

Date palm trees are widely grown and are widely used in Iraq. However, history reveals that Egyptians were also used to consume dates. They were also even habituated to consume wine made with dates. 

Today, dates are the vital ingredients in most of the middle east country dishes.

Apart from the known fact that dates are rich in iron and fiber, they also contain vitamins and minerals including:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
These provide the energy levels to the human body.

Why not Sugar or Jaggery?

Consuming other forms of sweeteners including sugar or other types of jaggery have many health issues. This includes increased levels of bad cholesterol leading to obesity. Also, issues including an increase in triglycerides, cough, phlegm, tooth decay,  and throat infection, etc are a major problem.

The benefits of eating dates have natural implications and are good in providing vitamins and minerals.

Types of Dates:

There are over 30 varieties of dates available. These varieties are broadly divided into three categories including:

  • Soft dates
  • Semi-dry dates
  • Dry dates
The most popular type of dates and its benefits include:

  • Medjool Dates
  • Piarom Dates
  • Degletnoor Dates
  • Mazafati Dates
  • Rabbi Dates
  • Barhi Dates
  • Thoory Dates
  • Sayer Dates
  • Dayri Dates
  • Zahidi Dates
  • Sukkari Dates
  • Khudri Dates
  • Halawy Dates
  • Safawi Dates

The different dates mentioned above are classified by the glucose, fructose, and sucrose levels. The taste for all the mentioned types of dates are almost similar. The texture of the dates may vary based on the region they grow. The general visible texture for the fruits includes, but not limited to soft, thin, thick, dark thin, wrinkled, etc.

These fruits are used in various recipes, dishes, etc. according to the taste and style in that region. Also, these fruits are consumed as a handy snack in many places.

It would be difficult to consume all the varieties of dates, as they are region-specific. One can consume the available dates in their region, and can grab the dates health benefits.

Nutritional Information

By and large, Nutritional values across all variants of dates are like negligible changes. Nutritional information for the commonly used dates is depicted.

For, every 100 grams of serving the following nutrients will be provided:

Amount Per Serving (100 Grams)
Calories: 282 
Calories from Fat: 3.5
Name                                     Weight
Total Fat                                 0.4g
Cholesterol                            0mg
Sodium                                   2mg
Potassium                             656mg
Total Carbohydrates            75g
Dietary Fiber                          8g
Sugars                                    63g
Protein                                   2.5g
Vitamin A                              0.2%*
Vitamin C                              0.7%*
Calcium                                 3%*
Iron                                         5.7%*
* Percent Daily Values per 2000 calorie diet.

For adults, 3 - 4 Dates per day are sufficient, which provides 282 calories of energy.

For children, 1-2 Dates per day are sufficient, which provides around 140 calories of energy.

Are Dates for Diabetics?

Dates glycemic index is very low when compared to the other sweeteners including sugar and jaggery. This helps diabetics resulting in less increase in blood sugar levels significantly.

However, 2 - 3 dates are recommended for diabetics per day, as long as they maintain healthy habits including diet and exercise.

Other Uses and Dates Health Benefits

1. Reduce heart-related issues:

Consuming dates daily helps in reducing heart-related issues. It controls the heartbeat rate, blood pressure, and all other kinds of heart-related issues. It provides strength to the heart.

2. Good for Eye related issues:

The Vitamin C available in dates as an antioxidant, will be helpful for protecting eyes. Also, it helps in reducing eye-related issues when consumed regularly.

3. Helps increase in weight:

Consumption of dates regularly will help to increase healthy weight. People who are underweight,  on consumption of dates on a daily bases will have an increase in weight considerably. One can include dates in their diet, aiming for an increase in weight. This is because dates are low in cholesterol and high in proteins.

4. Eliminates stones in kidneys:

Dates provide the energy and capacity for the elimination of stones in the kidneys. Also, they eliminate all kidney-related infections and issues.

5. Reduce constipation:

Pitted dates are ground and can be made into a thick paste concentrate. This concentrate can be soaked in a cup of water overnight. This can be consumed early in the morning. This helps in reducing constipation. Also, it acts a laxative. 

6. Provides strength in bones:

Dates contain rich sources of calcium, magnesium, and copper. This helps in keeping the bones strong. Also, it helps in strengthening teeth.

7. Other miscellaneous uses:

Consuming dates regularly will provide instant energy. Eliminates cough, phlegm, and throat infection, etc. Also, the available medicinal values in dates help in eliminating anemia, and issues in the large intestine.

Availability of Dates

Years earlier, the fruit was available seasonal. People had the chance of consuming the same in the available season only.

But, vendors started utilizing cold storehouses for making them available year-round. This is because of the increased demand after knowing dates health benefits.

Alternatively, grinding the pitted dates into a thick paste concentrate will be very useful. One can directly use them in milk, sweets and other eatables as an alternative to sugar. Again, this concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for long term use.

General Assumptions regarding Dates

In general, dates are compressed and are stored in cold warehouses. Because of this, some thick and sticky liquid is formed in between the fruits. Some people think this is because of the manipulation by the vendors with honey or jaggery syrup. 

But this is not the case. Dates are naturally highly viscous, and the viscous liquid between the dates is the natural sweetness.

Last Word

Needless to say, Dates are the boon gifted by the environment to the mankind. It is highly recommended to completely avoid sugar and even all the other types of available jaggery. This can eliminate highly prone risks including, but not limited to Obesity, Diabetes, and Blood pressure.

So, why late…..., Let’s take dates daily and stay healthy!!!.

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