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Obesity is one of the major problems faced by many people globally. There are many techniques to reduce weight, including liposuction, artificial fat burners, etc. However, these techniques provide side effects. Also, many people have already expressed their views to lose weight. But they are found to be difficult to implement.
Is there no way to reduce fat naturally in a simple way?

Let’s discuss this.

Difference Between Overweight And Obesity:

If your weight is more than the ideal weight, up to 10 kgs, it is called overweight. If it goes beyond that it is called obesity. Today, more than 36% of the world’s population is overweight and 13% of the population is obese.

How To Reduce Fat?

Today, in this computer age, most of us are employed in less physically strained jobs (of course, our mental stress and strain are doubled. Isn't it?). On the top, we are habituated to eating junk foods, a wide variety of foods deep-fried in oil, and other unhealthy foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

Needless to say, these foods do not have any minerals or vitamins and hence are responsible for overweight and obesity.

The following diet solutions will definitely help to lose weight or reduce fat or even reduce belly fat etc. Up to 10 Kgs of weight loss is assured in a month if you strictly follow the diet solutions.

Weight Loss Diet For Breakfast:

We are accustomed to eating breakfast which is deeply fried. These breakfasts contain no proteins, no nutrients, and are full of carbohydrates.

People think that breakfasts like idli and dosa are good for health as they are easily digested. But, the fact is that they are also prone to increase fat levels as they are made up of rice flour.

So, eliminating these breakfasts is a must to prevent obesity or to lose weight. Also, avoiding beverages including coffee, tea and milk will produce the best results.

Alternatively, consuming vegetable juices including carrot, beetroot, and Maggot early in the morning will have the following benefits:
  • Provide fewer calories (about 90 to 100 calories max. When consumed 250ml of juice).
  • Helps increasing nutrient and resistance levels.
  • Eliminates bad cholesterol, maintain thin blood volume.
  • Help to maintain a defense mechanism for avoiding blood clotting.

Again, a good quantity of overnight soaked sprouts is the best for breakfast as these contain maximum proteins(even more than the white of an egg) with very few calories. These sprouts can be taken after one hour of consuming vegetable juice.

Points To Ponder For Ideal Breakfast:

  • Consuming vegetable juices including carrot, beetroot, and Maggot (Up to 250ml).
  • Consuming a good quantity of overnight soaked sprouts(1 hour after taking juice).
  • Eliminating all kinds of breakfast.
  • Avoiding beverages including coffee, tea, and milk.

Weight Loss Diet For Lunch:

We are consuming more quantity of rice (Especially south Indians) with less quantity of curry/dal. In other words, we are consuming more calories in the form of rice, which is a major mistake.

Alternatively, we can consume pulka made by wheat flour or with multigrain flour in the place of rice, which will be the best option.

Similarly, a large quantity of curry should be consumed along with pulka. Up to 500 grams of any vegetable curry for 2-3 pulkas will be ideal.

Also, salt is another component that not only increases the blood pressure in the human body but also acts as a catalyst for gaining weight. About 80 grams of water will be stored in the human body for every 1 gram of salt consumed and in turn, helps in increasing weight. Hence, consuming a little quantity of salt in the food is recommended. Eliminating completely will be ideal.

Points To Ponder For Ideal Lunch:

  • Consuming 2-3 pulkas made with wheat flour or with multigrain flour or jowar roties,
    along with any vegetable curry up to 500 grams.
  • Consume a very very little quantity of salt, if not able to completely eliminate it.
  • Completely eliminating rice and other foods with rich carbohydrates.
  • Avoid all kinds of deep-fried curries.
  • Strictly eliminating non-vegetarian food.

Weight Loss Diet For Dinner:

When it comes to dinner, consuming food early before 6 PM, will be the best solution to lose weight or to reduce fat. This is because very few calories will be burnt in sleep and when we eat late at night, all the leftover calories will be accumulated as belly fat by the next day.

In contrast, there will be a high level of chances to get all the calories burnt before going to sleep itself when the food is consumed by 6 PM. Also, if in the case then the body needs calories, already accumulated fat in various parts of the body will serve the purpose. In this way, there is a chance for burning the pre accumulated fat as well.

It is highly recommended to have only 2-3 varieties of seasonal fruits for dinner to reduce fat fast.

Points To Ponder For Ideal Dinner:

  • consuming food early before 6 PM.
  • 2-3 varieties of seasonal fruits as dinner.

Last Word:

As specified earlier, this is the best diet for weight loss.  Also, other factors including daily workouts, good sleep, and keeping sufficiently hydrated will also help to reduce weight and to keep more immune.

With all these implementing perfectly, you can definitely find a visible difference in your weight within a month.

I Hope, this article is helpful to you.

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