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In general, We will have our food after bathing. Exceptionally, because of some reason, we will be bathing after eating. Also, some people go for bathing after dinner before moving to the bed. But is this correct?

Let’s discuss... 

According to Indian mythology, bath after food is literally an abject poverty.

So, is a bath after eating is bad only because of mythology?

Absolutely No. There is a scientific reason behind this which has been proved already.

Why We Should Not Bath After Eating?

Once after consuming food, three main things will happen to the digestive system.

  • 60% of the blood in the body will be concentrated and circulated around the stomach and intestines.
  • 40-50% of the energy levels are concentrated around the stomach for the movements of the intestines.
  • 30-35% of oxygen is concentrated around the stomach.

Only on the execution of the above processes digestion of food happens completely.

Now let’s suppose one will have a bath within an hour after eating food. Once when the body is wet, the temperature of the skin and body differs. The body now circulates the blood to the skin from the stomach.

If you do a bath with cold or hot water, the blood vessels expand and the blood circulates from the stomach to the skin. 

When you bath with cold water, the blood circulates until the temperature of the body and skin compensates. 

When you bath with hot water, the blood circulates and removes the excess temperature through the pores of the skin.

However, it is always best to have a bath with cold water. The alternative is lukewarm water.

Similar is the case with energy levels and oxygen.

Because of the process explained above, there will be no blood circulation, energy, and oxygen near the stomach. So, the digestion of food will be slowed down and no proper chemical reaction will take place. Also because of this, other problems including bloating and constipation may occur.

This can be better explained with an example:

Consider an Air Conditioner running on a single-phase electricity. Because of this, all the power and energy will be consumed by the air conditioner itself.

Because of this reason, other devices including fans and lights may not work properly.

Similar is the case with the human body.


Blood circulates from the stomach to the skin when you perform bathing after eating. This delays the digestion process. Also, it causes problems including bloating, and constipation, etc.

Apart from bathing, also some other activities need not be performed after consuming food.

Other Activities Not To Be Done After Eating


It’s natural to go to bed immediately after eating. But sleeping after immediate consumption of food leads to indigestion. Especially this happens after dinner. This has been proved scientifically.


Some people say that smoking a cigarette after immediate consumption of food is equivalent to smoking of 10 cigarettes. Keeping aside the reality in this, smoking is however bad to health.


Fruits are easily digested. But they should not be consumed immediately after food. This is because it will take more time to digest, as they have to get digested along with the food taken. It is always better to take fruits 1 hour before taking the main food or 2 hours after taking the main food.


Tea leaves are acidic in nature and influence the digestive process. The acidic property in the leaves makes the proteins hard taken in food. This leads to indigestion of food. Also, it causes difficulties in the absorption of iron. It is better to take tea before or after 1 hour from taking food.

Last Word

One should avoid bathing after eating, as the blood circulates from the stomach to the skin. This makes the digestion process slow. Also, problems including bloating and constipation arises.

Apart from bathing, other activities including sleeping, smoking, consumption of Fruits, and Tea affects the digestion of food.  

For more information on the topic, please watch the video:

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