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Our body is a nest of bones. The calcium required for the building these bones comes from sesame. This contains a high source of calcium when compared to others. It comprises 975mg of calcium in 100 grams of sesame. Even from ancient days, people have included sesame in the diet knowing the benefits of sesame.

Whether it’s for preparation of oil, or cooking items, or for desserts, sesame is the best option. It is being used in kitchens from the ancient past. Sesame is available in two varieties including white sesame and black sesame.

Nutrient Chart for Sesame

Nutrient Value
(Per 100g)
573 KCal
23.45 g
17.73 g
Total Fat 
49.67 g
0 mg
Dietary fiber 
11.8 g
4.515 mg
Pantothenic acid
0.050 mg
0.790 mg
0.240 mg
0.791 mg
Vitamin A
9 IU
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
0.25 mg
11 mg
468 mg
975 mg
4.082 mg
14.55 mg
355 mg
2.460 mg
629 mg
7.75 mg

The recommended dosage for the consumption of sesame daily include:

For Adults: 450 milligrams.

For Children: 600 milligrams.

For Pregnant women: 900 milligrams.

Uses and Benefits of Sesame

  1. Rich In Nutrients Apart from vitamins, Sesame also contains abundant calcium, proteins, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron. Also, omega fatty acids are available in sesame. These provide sufficient energy to the human body.
  2. Good In Anti-Inflammatory Properties Sesame contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the anti-bacterial properties available in sesame can protect from various kinds of bacteria and viruses. Also, protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.
  3. Great Source Of Fiber The fiber available in sesame is useful for improvising digestion and also eliminates constipation. It helps to keep the blood vessels, bones, and ankles healthy. This is because of the sufficient fiber available in sesame. Also, sesame helps in removing biological wastes from the intestines.
  4. Improvises Heart Health Sesame or til is good for safeguarding heart health. It reduces the bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol in the human body. This is because of the monosaturated fatty acids available in sesame. Benefits of til oil include controlling high blood pressure. Also, it helps in reducing high sugar levels in the body.
  5. Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Skin Sesame oil makes the skin soft and eliminates skin dryness. Applying sesame oil helps in providing a glow to the face.
  6. Benefits Hair Growth Sesame oil helps in healthy hair growth. Lukewarm sesame oil on hair massage helps in improving blood circulation and in turn, makes the roots strong. Also, sesame oil benefits for hair include eliminating dandruff, hair fall, and baldness.
  7. Helps In Healing Cracks Sesame oil benefits include medicinal values for healing cracks in heels. Apply sesame or til oil on the heel cracks. This helps in healing cracks. Apart from healing cracks, til oil benefits include making the heels soft.
  8. Useful For Diabetic Patients Sesame oil is very useful for diabetic patients. The nutrients and magnesium in sesame oil reduces the sugar levels. It’s a good option for diabetic patients to use sesame oil in cooking.
  9. Good In Curing Anemia Black sesame seeds provide good results for anemic patients. This is because of the iron available in them. Dessert made with sesame and thick jaggery concentrate is good for anemia. This can be consumed daily. Black sesame benefits also include strengthening bones. Chew sesame seeds daily and reduce issues with teeth.
  10. Helps In Reducing Arthritis Nowadays, Arthritis is a common problem and is affecting many people. This happens because of inflammation in cartilage and loss of oxidation. The sesamin available in Sesame seeds helps to improve immunity and antioxidant effects for the development of cartilage. Better results for arthritis can be got by taking 5 teaspoons of sesame - about 40gms - every day. Nearly 63% of people experienced a quick decrease in arthritis by consuming sesame seeds along with medicines. This is much greater than the 22% of people who got arthritis decreased by only taking medicines.
  11. Improvises Thyroid Health Sesame or til is a good source of selenium. The thyroid gland contains maximum selenium density when compared to other glands. Selenium plays a prominent role in producing the thyroid gland. Also, benefits of til include rich sources of Copper, Iron, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. These vitamins and minerals also help in producing and developing thyroid glands.
  12. Maintains Hormone Balance During Menopause Sesame contains phytoestrogen, which is like hormone estrogen plant compounds. During menopause, estrogen levels will be decreased in women. Hence, sesame is useful to increase estrogen levels. Also, this estrogen hormone helps in reducing breast cancer during menopause.
  13. Other Miscellaneous Uses Sesame seeds can improve eyesight. The folic acid available in sesame is very useful for pregnant women. Also helps in eliminating cancer and reducing blood pressure.

Sesame contains vital vitamins, nutrients, and is also abundant in calcium, proteins, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and omega fatty acids. Also, the uses of sesame include many medicinal values and are useful for many diseases.

Also, it has also got the ability to reduce or control chronic diseases including arthritis, thyroid, diabetes, and blood pressure, etc.

One should consume sesame daily and should grab its unlimited benefits.

Sesame and its Misconceptions

Many people think sesame generates heat in the body. Hence they discontinue using sesame. In fact, sesame does not have any heat generating characteristics, but it is only because of the poor intake of water. Also, 4-5 liters of water should be consumed daily.

Also, the consumption of sesame is very good for pregnant women. They can consume up to 900mg of calcium every day. It’s only a myth that consumption of sesame for pregnant women leads to abortion.

It’s totally fallacy that sesame generates excess heat in the body and should not be consumed regularly.  Also, the consumption of sesame for pregnant women leads to abortion is a fallacy.

Benefits of Sesame in different forms 

  • Sesame can be fried and can be consumed by mixing with dates paste concentrate as a dessert.
  • Fried sesame powder can be consumed adding in many curries.
  • Sesame can be soaked overnight and can be directly consumed. One has to chew the sesame seeds so they are digested easily.
  • Soaked sesame seeds can be ground and the milk extract can be consumed. This is the best and rich source of calcium.

Last Word

Sesame can be used including White sesame seeds, Black sesame seeds, and sesame oil. It contains many nutrients along with vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, it has got many medicinal values ranging from small remedies to chronic diseases including arthritis, thyroid, diabetes, and blood pressure, etc.

Above all, it can be mainly used as a calcium supplement, where it contains more calcium compared to any other nutrients.

Also, if milk is consumed for calcium daily, it is highly recommended to avoid milk and consume sesame milk extract. This is because it contains calcium multiple times more when compared to milk. Also, this can apply across all age groups.

Again, this will be pure and free from adulteration, unlike milk, and will be available at a much lesser price.

That’s all folks in this article.

Meet you in the next article, Bye Bye !!!. 

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