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Nowadays, people with problems including obesity and overweight are increasing day by day.  For most of these people, there will be several doubts including what to eat and what not to eat.

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Out of all the foods, puffed rice is the main source of food consumed by many people right from the ancient days.

By saying about puffed rice, you remember the street food ‘Bhel Puri’. Right!

Puffed rice is prepared from white rice. But, we know that white rice contains more carbohydrates and produces more calories. Now, most of us get a doubt about how the puffed rice is useful for weight loss. 

Actually, white rice is soaked and is heated followed by a procedure. Because of this mechanism, the moisture in the white rice will be completely reduced. Also, the end product swells and becomes very light to form puffed rice.

Puffed Rice Nutritional Values

Serving Size     100 Grams
Total Fat
0.9 Grams
Saturated Fat
0.32 Grams
Polyunsaturated Fat
0.34 Grams
Monounsaturated Fat
0.18 Grams
0 Milli Grams
5 Milli Grams
Total Carbohydrate
87.77 Grams
Dietary Fiber
1.4 Grams
7 Grams
9 Milli Grams
2.86 Milli Grams
116 Milli Grams
118 Milli Grams
Vitamin B-1
0.44 Micro Grams
Vitamin B-2
0.26 Milli Grams
Vitamin B-3
3.52 Milli Grams
Vitamin B-9
154 Milli Grams
Vitamin E
0.1 Milli Grams

Is Puffed Rice For Weight Loss?

Puffed rice, which is a by-product of white rice contains 383 Calories of energy per 100 grams. This is almost equivalent to the energy levels for 100 grams of white rice.

But puffed rice as a quantity will be more compared to white rice. This is because they weigh less than the white rice.

This helps in weight loss as one can naturally consume only a lesser quantity of puffed rice compared to white rice.

As an example, one can consume a maximum of 50-70 grams of puffed rice at a time, whereas it is easy to consume 200 grams of white rice.


Even though calories in puffed rice and white rice are almost equal, the weight of puffed rice is less than white rice. Because of this, one would consume in lesser quantities compared to white rice. This also helps in consuming low calories. Hence, puffed rice is good for weight loss.

Other Uses of Puffed Rice

  1. Puffed rice contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex along with proteins and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and iron, etc.
  2. Puffed rice helps in providing healthy growth in children.
  3. Puffed rice is useful in improving memory, brain functionality, and developing alertness.
  4. Puffed rice is useful for diabetic and obese patients.
  5. Puffed rice helps in improvising heart functionality.
  6. Puffed rice have more carbohydrates. Because of this, only a less quantity is enough for the required energy.
  7. Puffed rice is good in fiber. This helps in digestion and also improvise the digestive system.
  8. The antioxidants available in puffed rice will boost the immunity.
  9. Puffed rice is good for breakfast. Also, it can be used as a healthy snack.


Apart from weight loss, puffed rice is also useful for various health issues.

Making Puffed Rice

Puffed rice can be easily made in the home itself using the following steps:

Take the desired quantity of raw rice. Add some salt to it if required. Mix the rice and salt thoroughly. Soak this mixture with a little quantity of water for about 15 minutes.

Take the soaked rice into a pan and heat it on a low flame. Fry it continuously on a low flame for about 10 minutes. (May take more time if the initial quantity of rice taken is more). The moisture in the rice shall be completely evaporated. Also, the rice shall be completely dried and shall turn to light brownish color.

Take a considerably high amount of salt in a big vessel and heat the salt. The dried rice is taken into the vessel and is mixed with the salt. Fry the rice on a high flame continuously until the rice pops up and form as puffs. The time taken to complete the process depends on the initial quantity of rice. Generally completes within 15 minutes.

That’s all. Puffed rice is ready now.


Puffed rice is easy to make at home and can be prepared within less time.

Puffed Rice As a Healthy Snack

Healthy snacks can be made using puffed rice. These snacks will not only be tasty and are nutritious.

  1. Puffed rice can be mixed with pieces of onions, tomato, and peanuts. Also, lemon and coriander can be added to it. This acts as a healthy snack.
  2. Puffed rice can be soaked in water for a period. Any excess water can be eliminated by squeezing the puffed rice. Various ingredients can be added to it and can be cooked. Then it can be served as a hot food.
  3. Puffed rice can be mixed with a thick jaggery syrup and can be consumed as a sweet.


Various kinds of recipes can be made with puffed rice and be consumed as a healthy snack.

Last Word

Puffed rice is less in weight and is more in quantity. This helps people to consume a limited quantity of puffed rice. Because of this reason, they consume only fewer calories which helps them in losing weight.

Also, this is helpful for various health problems and can be consumed as a healthy snack.

With all the benefits of the puffed rice, one can consume this regularly.

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