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Today, we are not having enough nutritious food because of a busy lifestyle, a change in food habits, and because of other reasons. With the lack of nutrition, our body loses immunity and is prone to many diseases. Sprouts benefits health very much. Sprout nutritional value proves to be the best food.

Let us discuss the benefits of eating sprouts:

Sprouts Nutrition

Green Gram Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:
Energy: 334 Kilo Calories
Protein: 24 Grams
Carbohydrates: 56.7 Grams
Fat: 1.3 Grams
Fiber: 4.1 Grams

Piegion Gram Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 360 Kilo Calories
Protein: 19.5 Grams
Carbohydrates: 60.9 Grams
Fat: 5.3 Grams
Fiber: 3.9 Grams

Black-Eyed Pea Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 323 Kilo Calories
Protein: 24.1 Grams
Carbohydrates: 4.5 Grams
Fat: 1 Grams
Fiber: 3.8 Grams

Pearl Millet Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 361 Kilo Calories
Protein: 11.6 Grams
Carbohydrates: 67.5 Grams
Fat: 5 Grams
Fiber: 1.2 Grams

Horse Gram Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 321 Kilo Calories
Protein: 22 Grams
Carbohydrates: 57.2 Grams
Fat: 0.5 Grams
Fiber: 5.3 Grams

Wheat Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 346 Kilo Calories
Protein: 11.8 Grams
Carbohydrates: 71.2 Grams
Fat: 1.5 Grams
Fiber: 1.2 Grams

Sorghum Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 349 Kilo Calories
Protein: 10.4 Grams
Carbohydrates: 72.6 Grams
Fat: 1.9 Grams
Fiber: 1.6 Grams

Finger Millet Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 328 Kilo Calories
Protein: 7.3 Grams
Carbohydrates: 72 Grams
Fat: 1.3 Grams
Fiber: 3.6 Grams

Alfalfa Sprouts

For Every 100 Grams:

Energy: 346 Kilo Calories
Protein: 11.8 Grams
Carbohydrates: 72 Grams
Fat: 1.5 Grams
Fiber: 10.7 Grams

Uses of Sprouts

1.Improves Immunity

Sprouts are rich in Vitamin C. This helps to improve immunity in the body. Also, sprouts are good for developing all kinds of hormones. They also eliminate hormonal imbalance.

2.Eliminate Heart Diseases

Sprouts are helpful in eliminating heart diseases. Also, sprouts protect the body from many kinds of infections. Sprouts help in improving good cholesterol (HDL) and decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL).

3.Helpful in avoiding Constipation

The fiber in sprouts helps to avoid constipation. They are also helpful in reducing obesity.

4.Useful For Hair Growth

Sprouts are useful for hair growth. Also, useful for eliminating hair fall.

5.Helps To Control Diabetes

Sprouts help in fighting with diabetes. Also, sprouts control sugar levels in the blood.

6.Improves Nervous System

The potassium available in sprouts helps to improve the nervous system. Also, sprouts provide all the essential vitamins eliminating other multivitamin supplements.

7.Fights Against Cancer

The antioxidants available in sprouts fights with the factors affecting cancer.

8.Strengthen Bones

Sprouts increase strength and provide energy to the body. This also helps in strengthening bones. Also, sprouts help to improve muscle power.

9.Improves Digestive System

Sprouts help in improvising the digestive system. Also, sprouts help in the smooth digestion process.

10.Other Sprouts Benefits

Sprouts are a low-calorie high nutrient diet. Also, these are the only food that provides maximum nutrients in less cost.

Sprouts health benefits also include growth in children and reduce fatigue. 

Sprouts for weight loss include consuming more quantities of sprouts along with fruits. Rice and Rotis can be eliminated.


Sprouts mainly provide proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It provides the immunity in the body. Apart from that, they are useful for reducing many ailments ranging from short term to long term.

Nuts used to make sprouts

Generally, nuts including Green Gram, Piegion Gram, Black-Eyed Pea, Pearl Millet, Horse Gram, Wheat, Sorghum, Finger Millet, and Alfalfa are used to make sprouts. These nuts on processing produce the sprouts benefits.

How to make sprouts

Three varieties of nuts, eg: Green gram, Black-Eyed Pea, Pigeon gram can be taken 30 grams each. Put the 3 types of nuts in three different bowls and soak in water for 12-13 hours. Wash the soaked nuts cleanly and make them dry. Once dried up, put them in 3 different compartments in a sprout maker or tie them in a cloth separately. Keep them for 36 hours until the seeds are developed into sprouts of 2 inches long.


Sprouts can be made with many varieties of nuts. One can use a sprout maker or tie them in a clean cloth for a specified time.

Side Effects of Consuming Sprouts

Consuming sprouts directly is not good for pregnant women. There will be high chances of contamination because of the microbes in the raw sprouts. 

Instead, the sprouts can be heated or boiled and can be consumed. This can produce better results. 

Also, consuming sprouts may develop bloating or indigestion problems in some people. This can be seen especially in aged people.

This problem can be eliminated by taking sprouts along with other vegetable salads. This includes chopped carrots, cabbage, and capsicum, etc. By doing this one can get the goodness of nutrients in vegetables along with sprouts.

Also, one can start taking smaller quantities of sprouts in the initial stages and slowly increasing the quantity once accustomed to it.


Consuming sprouts can have indigestion and bloating problems in some people. One can consume by taking proper actions for the same.

When To Take Sprouts?

Sprouts can be consumed during the morning as breakfast. This will have fewer chances for developing bloating or gas in the stomach. Alternatively, the chances will be more for bloating when consumed during the night. Also, sprouts can be chewed for more time while eating. This will eliminate the problem of bloating to a large extent.

Last Word

Sprouting is the natural process for nuts and seeds which enhances the nutrients in it. Also, it enhances the antioxidant levels by reducing the antinutrient levels.

Especially, sprouts are very beneficial for improving immunity in the body. Also, they provide maximum nutrients for the body than any other food.

Apart from the plenty of health benefits, sprouts also improvise long term ailments. These include reduced problems in blood glucose levels, menopause obstacles, heart diseases, anemia, and other ailments that generate during birth.

However, sprouts can be consumed considering its side effects and taking proper actions for it.

With all the amazing benefits of sprouts, one has to consume daily for invaluable health benefits.

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