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Air, Water, and Food. These are the most essential things for survival for any creature on Earth. Apart from air, water is the second most essential thing for survival. But are we drinking the water in the right way?

Let us discuss this essential element, how much water to drink a day, and at which time.


Our body comprises up to 70% of water. Minerals and other nutrients occupy the remaining part. For example, if you are around 70 kgs of weight, you will have 45 liters of water in you. The human body maintains this proportion. In other words, our body itself specifies that we should drink 70% of water. Also, 30% should be the food intake.


Also, water evaporates in our bodies in several ways. 


1. Lungs evaporate half a liter of water. This is because of the pressure of the air in the lungs.

2. The stomach and the intestines evaporate another half a liter of water.

3. The body excretes around one and a half-liter of water in the form of sweat or urine.


So, the body excretes up to two and a half liters of water every day.


But, one may think that it is enough to intake the same amount of excreted water. But it is not correct. This is because we are taking different kinds of junk foods. Also, we are using oils, salt, and sugar in our daily usage. These are water-absorbing substances and makes us thirsty.


Hence, we need more water to drink. This must be equal to as much as 4-5 liters of water a day. One may need to consume 5 liters in the summer. 4 liters are enough in other seasons.




The body excretes up to two and a half liters of water every day. Hence, it is necessary and is important to drink 4-5 liters of water every day.

4-Step Process of Drinking Water


Here is the 4-Step process of how to drink water in a day.


Step 1: Consume a Liter of Water Early in The Morning


Early in the morning, drink a liter of water after brushing the teeth. It may be difficult to consume a liter of water at a time in the beginning. Hence, you can try to complete it in 5-10 minutes.


It helps to clean the stomach, intestines, and increases the urge for defecation. This helps people suffering from constipation, bloating, gaseous, and other digestion problems. Also, consuming water helps in purifying the blood.


People suffering from inflammation in the stomach, ulcers, asthma, eosinophilia, cough, and cold can drink lukewarm water.


Drinking water in a copper pot or bottle, stored overnight is the best source. This helps in improving the immunity of the body. This is the method used by the elders earlier.


Step 2: Consume another Liter of Water after a gap of 2 hours


You can drink the 2nd liter of water after one and a half to two hours of consuming the Ist liter of water. This helps in eliminating the extra toxins in the stomach and intestines.


One can have a small quantity of tea or coffee with less sugar. This is during the gap between the 1st and 2nd liters of consuming water. 


If possible, tea or coffee can be completely avoided. Consuming vegetable juice is the best alternative. Also, one can perform yoga or workouts during this period.


One should consume the 2nd liter of water half an hour before having breakfast.


Step 3: Consume the 3rd liter of water between Breakfast and Lunch


After a gap of 2 hours of consuming breakfast, one can start drinking water in small quantities. These quantities may include up to 200ml. 


Continue drinking at regular intervals until completing a liter of water. Also, finish drinking water half an hour before lunch.


Step 4: Consume the 4th liter of water between lunch and dinner


Please, do not drink water during lunch or even immediately after the completion of lunch. Please maintain a 2-hour gap to consume water again. This is like drinking water after breakfast as we have discussed earlier.


The hydrochloric acid available in the stomach helps to digest the food we eat. Consuming water immediately after lunch, the available hydrochloric acid will get diluted. This is the same for drinking water during lunch. Hence, it will take more time to digest. Even in the worst case, bloating or gaseous problems may also arise. So, drinking water requires a 2-hour gap after lunch. 


After 2 hours, consume water in small quantities until the completion of a liter of water. During summer, one can try to complete another liter as well. Also, this requires to finish at least half an hour before dinner.


Also, one can consume fruit juice in the evening. Eliminating tea or coffee is the best.


It is better to not drink any water during the night. This is because the urge for urination may cause disturbance for the sleep. On thirsty, one can take a little quantity of water.


This 4-Step Process is the best for consuming the required amount of water for the human body.




Consuming water using the 4-Step process is the best for the daily intake. One should follow this process daily without fail.


Common Mistakes Made While Drinking Water


People make the following common mistakes while drinking water.


1. Gulping or Drinking fast


Gulping of water leads to intoxication. It may cause an imbalance in sodium levels. This is also for other electrolytes. Because of gulping, water moves fast from the blood into the cells. This may lead to swelling.


2. Refrigerated or chilled water


Drinking too much of chilled or refrigerated water can make the stomach contract. Hence, it becomes difficult to digest food. It makes the nasal mucus thicker and causes sputum. This results in the obstruction of the respiratory tract.


As an exception, water can be drunk chilled to a certain extent in summer. Consuming water in a mud pot is the best.


3. Drinking water while standing or running


Drinking water while standing or running leads to joint pains. This is because fluids accumulate at the joints due to the disrupt of fluid balance. Also, produces a risk for lung, heart functions, and oxygen levels. One should drink water sitting in a comfortable position.


Also, as already discussed, one should not consume water immediately after eating food. This includes drinking water while eating.




One should drink water sitting comfortably and without gulping. It is also not good for consuming chilled water. Also, one should avoid drinking water immediately after eating or while eating.


Last Word


It is necessary and is important to drink 4-5 liters of water every day. One can follow the 4-Step process for daily water intake requirements. Also, this the best-proven process.


One should follow this process daily without fail. They should avoid the common mistakes of drinking water.


Water can act as a great panacea if drunk in the right way.

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