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 Sugar, salt, rice, white flour, and milk. These are the ingredients that have become a part of our daily life. It is unbelievable to think without these even in our wildest dream.


But do you think these are safe for health?


Let us discuss this.


We use the 5 ingredients Sugar, salt, rice, white flour, and milk daily in our food because they are taste busters. Whether its a beverage, breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner we will use all 5 substances in one or the other.


But the truth is that these 5 ingredients are only the reason for all kinds of disorders or diseases. These include diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cancer, vitamin deficiency, or hormonal problems both in men and women. Hence, these 5 ingredients are the 5 white poisons.




Whether it may be tea, coffee, cool drink, juice, or even a recipe, sugar is the used ingredient.


Sugar cane undergoes various chemical processes to obtain sugar. It is further refined using various chemicals. These include sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and activated carbon. Because of this, it looses all the natural nutrients available in the sugar cane.


Also, the process involves in eliminating the nutrients. These include refining sucrose, eliminating vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and other nutrients. Finally, the end product is an unnatural concentrate and a sweetener which is not good for the human body.


Also, this product contains beta-endorphins which increase the craving for the substance. So, stopping the consumption of sugar is a strong recommendation.


So, what are the alternatives to sugar?


Consuming sugarcane jaggery is better than sugar. But this also undergoes refinement and does not provide full health benefits.


Consuming palm jaggery is better than consuming sugar or sugarcane jaggery.


Consuming Honey or dates in the form of dry date powder or dates concentrates is the best.


Please watch the video on the uses of dates for more information. I am leaving it in the cards above.




Salt is another white poison that affects the human body.


The main problem with consuming salt is that it retains water in the body. This is mainly in the iodized salt we consume nowadays. This water retention is equal to 100 grams of water when consumed 5 mg of salt. This affects the body with diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, kidneys dysfunction, etc.


Yet, the main purpose of salt is to add taste to the dishes. Nowadays, apart from salt more varieties are being used. These include Ajinomoto, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium benzoate. These substances act as good preservatives and produce taste.


Also, the human body requires only 280 mg of sodium. It is easy to obtain by consuming various vegetables. One can consume Amaranth leaves for the high amount of sodium contained in it.


It is a must to avoid salt to avoid falling prey to dangerous diseases.


If cannot drop completely,


One can use sea salt which is somewhat better than iodized salt.


Using rock salt is better than other types.




Rice is the main course of food for most people. Especially in south India. But it is another white poison that affects the human body.


Rice contains several vitamins and minerals. But for several reasons rice gets polished. This includes for its appearance, easy digestion, etc.


When rice gets polished, all the vitamins in the outer layer will get vanished. It is still further polished for the 2nd time. so that if any vitamins present in the rice by chance after the first level of polish will get lost.


Finally, it remains with only carbohydrates. It is easy for the carbohydrates to pass sugar into the blood.


Hence it is best to avoid white rice. Alternatively, one can consume millets and brown rice.


White Flour


White flour called maida is a fine powder that is widely used in all varieties of foods. These include breakfast, sweets, bakery items, snacks, etc.


This white flour is purely a byproduct of the wheat flour after undergoing a lot of refining and chemical processes. These include polishing the wheat grains to lose the brown covering and bleaching the flour with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and alloxan.


Also, white flour has got the property of an adhesive.


I do remember pamphlets and posters were pasted using white flour because of its adhesive property. If this is the case, then consider what would be the case of the intestines when we eat such dangerous food.


So one should definitely avoid this dangerous food




Right from children to old aged milk is commonly used. But this is also considered to be a white poison.


Actually, milk is of two types. A1 milk and A2 milk. The milk which comes from Jersey cow and Holstein cow is the A1 type. The milk which comes from desi cows is the A2 type.


Mostly we will consume A1 milk and is very dangerous. By consuming this milk one may suffer from Lactose intolerance. This lactose intolerance causes vomiting, nausea, motions, bloating, and gaseous problems.


Also, it causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome and autism in children.


Not only that the milk is getting pasteurized so that milk can stay in good condition for a long time. Putting a step forward milk processing industries are manufacturing ultra-pasteurized milk so that milk can be stored even for months without any effect.


Because of this pasteurization, hormonal problems are being seen both in men and women including hair fall, decreased sperm count, increase in the breast for men, early menarche, and menopause problems in women.


With all the problems it is advisable to avoid milk provided if you can consume pure A2 milk.


For more information on consuming milk please watch my video on the same. I am leaving it in the cards above.


Last Word

 With all the dangerous health issues specified, It is highly recommended to avoid the 5 white poisons. One can start reducing the usage of these 5 white poisons slowly and can eliminate them completely so that one can stay healthy life.

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